Expiration Date: The Complete Edition


Expiration Date: The Complete Edition


The complete edition collects all five thrilling issues into one volume. Read the whole story of one man's fight to expose a corporate conspiracy to save the lives of millions.

Your Time is Running Out.

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All five action-packed issues in one complete edition. Over 200+ pages! Loaded with bonus art, fun facts, and lots more!


Original Issue Covers

  • Issue 1 Cover
  • Issue 2 Cover
  • Issue 3 Cover
  • Issue 4 Cover
  • Issue 5 Cover

Fan Art

  • SY9 Propaganda Poster by Chey Rasmussen
  • Supper Cutter Bros by Tyler Cole
  • Dack Cutter by Michael Dambold
  • Hardy Cutter by Paul Cagggegi
  • Watchful Guardian by Mark Harmon
  • Time is Running Out by Gabriel Ramirez
  • Dack and Mina by Mark Swan
  • Exp/Date by Mia Datuin
  • Los Angeles Island Rail by Jonathan Zarco

Fun Facts about Expiration Date

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